Writer & Editor

I'm a journalist specializing in science and the environment. My reporting has taken me around the globe--from Borneo to Nicaragua, Iceland to Ethiopia.

I write about things like inventing the future of agriculture, whether immortality is biologically possible, and strange things afoot in the planet’s forests. In 2013, I won an AAAS Kavli award and an SEJ award for a piece about whether muddling with a creature’s DNA is a valid last-ditch conservation strategy, and an NASW Science in Society Award for a story about whether animals can outrace global warming, and what happens when climate change and evolution intersect. I’ve covered the environment for National Geographic, The New York Times, Wired, Scientific American, Mother Jones, Popular Science, Discover, Ensia, High Country News, The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, Men’s Journal, OnEarth, Audubon, Slate, Grist, Town & Country, and many other publications.

I spent 2012 as an Alicia Patterson Fellow and 2010-11 as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

I’m also an editor and a teacher (and I was, briefly, a tenure-track professor of journalism). I have an MS in environmental studies and an MFA in creative writing. I live in Colorado with my husband and son and a ragtag pack of dogs and cats. 

You can reach me at mail@hillaryr.net