Writer & Editor

I'm a journalist specializing in science and the environment. I’ve reported from across the U.S. and around the world—Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Gabon. But my favorite place to work and play is the American West. Luckily, there’s no dearth of stories right in my backyard.

I write about the strange and disturbing ways human activity is altering our planet, and also the innovative strategies we’re devising to understand, adapt to, and counteract those changes. I’ve covered the environment for National Geographic, The New York Times, Wired, Men’s Journal, Scientific American, Mother Jones, Popular Science, Discover, Ensia, High Country News, The Boston Globe, The Denver Post, OnEarth, Audubon, Smithsonian, Slate, Grist, Town & Country, and many other publications.

I’m proud that my work has won several awards, though I’m continually frustrated by the unwillingness of many Americans, including the current administration, to accept basic scientific facts and use them as the basis for smart policy.

I’m currently a Ted Scripps Fellow at the Center for Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I spent 2012 as an Alicia Patterson Fellow and 2010-11 as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

I’m also a contributing editor at the website bioGraphic and a frequent speaker at workshops and seminars on science communication. I have an MS in environmental studies and an MFA in creative writing. I live in Colorado with my husband and son and a ragtag pack of dogs and cats. 

You can reach me at mail@hillaryr.net.